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The Cadenza Music Center offers a variety of private lessons, for students of all ages in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Drums, Electric Bass, Saxophone, Clarinet and more! Group programs such as Jazz Workshops, Rock Band, "Lets Make Music," Children, Teen and Adult Choir are some of the classes we offer. A FREE TRIAL CLASS is available.


Ages 1 - 4


These classes introduce children to musical concepts through a variety of materials and activities. Children are able to explore free and active movement, singing, chanting and playing simple percussion instruments as well as use props for improvisation. Parents are encouraged to listen, play and dance along with their children.


Rock Band

Ages 13 & up


Learn what it takes to be a successful instrumentalist and front man/ woman of a band. The objective of this group class is to build style, technique and confidence so the students can shine both on and off the stage and learn to become true leaders.

Children's Choir

Ages 6 to 12


In our children's choir, students work on developing vocal skills as well as acting skills. The repertoire includes songs in different styles and languages. Members of this class are exposed to several performances all year round. 

"Lets Make Music"

Ages 6-18


This exciting new group class for children and teens (divided by age and level) includes training on note reading, rhythm, listening to classics, singing in solfege, piano duets and much more. This is a perfect class for a beginner student that has no musical background as well as for a student that has already been exposed to music lessons and wishes to expand his/her knowledge. 


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