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About Us


At Cadenza Music Center we measure our success in delivering the best service to you, our customers, by factors such as:

1. Providing spacious rooms with acoustic pianos and sitting space for visitors to sit in at the lesson if they so choose.


2. Implementing a generous make up policy, so that parents can feel comfortable that their children will receive all missed lessons.


3. Presenting students in recital every month. This will give students plenty of performance experience and boost their confidence as many of them prepare for exams, auditions and competitions.

4. Having our Directors at the school at all times, giving lessons, talking to parents, overseeing all classes and lessons on a constant basis.

5. Offering one hour of instruction every week, divided into 1/2 hour of private lesson and 1/2 hour of theory class or performance class.

The Cadenza Music Center promotes a total artistic/ educational experience for the entire family by presenting parent workshops, student recitals and a guest artist concert series. We also invite distinguished professors from leading conservatories of the world to hold lectures and master classes.

Students with an interest in pursuing music on a higher level are given the opportunity to prepare for tests and auditions in our "Specialized Test Preparation" classes, such as: NYSSMA, Royal Schools of Music, High School and College / Conservatory Exams.

In 2012, the Cadenza Music Center was recognized and was selected as the "Best Music School in Queens" for it's excellence in teaching and family environment.